Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I liked one of the quick sketches from my last post and decided to draw it a bit more.

That is all.

working on form

Last time I did any amount of serious anatomy study was back in 2007 so it's basically been 10 years since I looked at an anatomy book and it's been rather telling. I feel like I've been getting rusty with it and it was seriously impeding my drawing process, forcing me to redraw parts over and over since I kept getting it wrong.

But instead of trying to memorize everything through repetition, I simply decided to start working on an one-page solution so I never have to practice or memorize anything ever again.

So cross referencing all the anatomy studies, photos (mostly porn since they show the best parts wink wink), and other resources, I made a 'graph' of sort. Once I finish it I may print them out to hang so all my anatomy issues will be solved forever.

Nonetheless this is going to be an ongoing process as the anatomical info gets tweaked and optimized.

Another thing to note is that I've felt during the studies that anatomy books either contained too little or too much information, so this is a kind of reduction to the absolute necessity. It's designed to show all the critical 'chunks' that make up a human body instead of individual muscles that shows too many crevices or skins which hides too many details.

And the bottom piece is just the application of things I've been learning from the whole experience.

Anyways this is a progress report on what I've been up to. I've got too many shit on the backlogs but I'm just gonna have to get them done one by one steadily as possible.


Friday, June 30, 2017


makoto is bae

Saturday, June 24, 2017

QR 003

Gonna squeeze out piece a day if possible until I am back in good form.

This is Makoto from Street Fighter btw.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Quickie Returns 002

Oiling the squeaky gears...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quickie Returns

Gonna do these quickies for a while until I pick up the pace. Bear with me for some time eh.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

still that stuff

Well, I guess I'll be working on this until I get bored and realize the crushing weight of the real life and the absolute necessity to start picking up the work pace again.

But in any case stuff like this is usually a good practice for acquiring a specific style of art. It really solidifies the work process which I feel like I've been missing out on.

Also minimizing the necessary detail input really cuts down on time required to complete a piece. AKA anime is easy to draw.

All in all I like drawing naked chicks and I will continue doing so.

Oh, and you're here to see this.


Friday, May 12, 2017

more yandere stuff

Continuing the sketches. Coloring some of them as I go.

The emphasis is at getting the crazy eye right, I feel. She should look very distinctly yandere, yet she is the main character so she can't be too downright insane.

I will have to modify her looks on the uncolored pieces to really nail it, but as for colored ones I think I got it right.

Just doing these for fun btw. Once this is out of the way I'll be back to my old stuff.

Also, I will try to post updates more frequently. Possibly daily just as I used to, if I can. I'll see how it goes.

P.S. And btw, this blog somehow got flagged for adult content. Either someone reported or google content ID system saw too much skin color somewhere. I mean, it was coming I suppose. Last post got some borderline stuff.

Whatever, I guess. Just an extra click to get in.

Oh, and almost forgot this one. Did this one for quick speedpaint recording. However I can't post on youtube until I made some Garageband music though.

Monday, April 17, 2017

buncha unfinished stuff

Well 2 months flied by again. I'm feeling like I'm losing sense of time. It must come with the age or something, really.

So past 2 years I have been drawing on and off occasionally but never really got to finish something big to post on my blog. At this rate I will probably never get to post anything so I'm just putting these backlogs up for your entertainment.

I am recording timelapse videos of some of these works so they will get on youtube once I am finished with the piece. Plus, I'm trying out garageband to possibly shit out some random 10-hour music to finally solve this god damned content strike stuff youtube has been giving me troubles with in the past.

Well, in short, the story is that when youtube used to have that audio track thingy to put music to your video I naively used the function to add free music. youtube later took that function down and people who formerly made respective music claimed copyright on their work. I pretty much don't trust 'free' stuff for my monetized videos so I have been just putting links on my videos to my music playlist. Well, people were bugged out about how the video was silent so I'm looking into garageband to see if I can make something quick and generic to avoid claims forever. I am no musician but the app seems easy enough for me so I'm giving that a try. Once that is out of the way I will be pumping out videos as I make them. Just don't be bothered if I keep using that one 10hr music I make.

Anyways, here are the work in progresses.

First one is fanart for Yandere Simulator. This is the most recent piece I am currently working on.

I've been rather obsessed with the yandere dev progress on the official youtube channel and recently there was a video about game's art style revamp. I always thought the game would had been perfect with 'Batou Shujo by Mebae' manga style. The unorthodox eye is something I've been noticing quickly rising in popularity in manga in general, and I gave my attempt about it. I'll probably fill more sketches in later but that's what I got for now.

Second piece is a revision from my past work. Well, a revision of revision, rather. Latest to oldest in order:

I've got not much to say about this but the fact that I got bored drawing clouds. I probably stopped working on it since sometimes last fall.

Well, same story with this one. Derived from below, stopped working on it last year:

And the piece below progresses from latest to the oldest:

And that cop girl thing I've been drawing for years? Well, it's nearing completion but still far from done. Well, I'll let you see this one progress from top to bottom.

Line finished... looks good enough to start coloring.

Good so far. Layer that shit up like a mother puffer.

But... at this point I get bored of drawing shield details and generally got tired of how plain the piece looked. I decided to EXPAND.

Expanding the piece entertained me just enough to go on a bit more

But then here I got bored again from the piece looking generally horrible. I decide the problem is characters not being planned enough and thus having bad forms in general. I here decided to REVISE.

Revising entertained me just enough to make me fully sketch 1.5 characters...

And here I decide that I had enough of planning and I can wing everything else. I decide to move on with coloring.

But as I started coloring I quickly got bored at how much detail I had to paint. Also I was pretty much against the concept of this piece looking too comfortable and peaceful. I decide it was time for REVISION.

I decide to go back to the basics but not entirely. The ass was too thicc but I have a good feeling about the overall feeling of the piece.

Keep painting... I was still entertained by the piece which is often a good indicator I am going in the right direction. I think the biggest reason I was able to stick this one is that it's very Rembrandt-esque and I was able to get away with abbreviating much of the details.

And this is how I have it so far. I think I have about 30~40 more hours until this piece is finished so in actual time it will be another month or so, I think. But since I have it all recorded on video, the timelapse will nonetheless be pretty epic.

Also I was doing a revision of this piece...

Which got turned into this piece...

At which point I got bored and decided to expand, combining other former pieces of Nintendo characters into one...
And then I shit myself. Story of my life. This may warrant a revisit. Or not.

Also few other random shit:

From: Comic I'm working on.
Reason for stopping: I REVISED it. (This one is 3rd revision and I'm currently on 7th)

From: revision from old piece
Reason for stopping: I got bored.

From: Revision from old piece.
Reason for stopping: It was not cute enough.
This one's done on iPad as well as two others below.

And that's about end of it. I have about a dozen even minor pieces that's not even worth mentioning because they are barely 10 minutes in. But yeah. There. I mentioned it I guess.

My next plan is to finish working on few pieces worth finishing. Make timelapse music on Garageband to forever free myself from content strikes. Compile recorded videos and upload them on youtube. Finish the last 2 overdue commission works. And then make some tutorial videos as promised. Plan for 2017. Well, it's already past quarter of the year so too late for new years resolution maybe?

Cheerinos muchachos.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ok back

A redo from old piece below:

2010 piece. Already 7 years ago. Yikes.

2 year hiatus comes to an end and I am back.

Long story short family stuff came up constantly and that kinda threw me off the drawing vibe. Now that it's been sorted and the time is now all mine. Hope you missed me eh.

So on the table are couple more backlogs to finish like the riot shield girl, then a few videos both timelapse and tutorials.

I got an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil so those videos are coming as well. Procreate is a godsend.


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